Quill material

Quill material is widely used as a base material for roofs, ceilings, and walls of houses. Quill material is a wood product made by sawing logs to boards, then artificially dried in the drying machine and processed into smaller pieces. Since it has already been processed to the specified size, it is used as it is, except for being cut according to the length when needed on the construction site. As a base material, it is not directly visible after the house is built, but it is an important component essential to support the housing where we live in. Rafters, penetrating tie beams, furring strips, and puncheons are the main products handled by Tairiku Trading.

Original plate / lamina

Original plate is half-finished product which is to be reprocessed in Japan and is supplied to redividing plants. We also outsource the processing of them to our partner plants nationwide to sell as original products. Since half-finished products are raw materials, they are processed into quill materials and interior materials in various sizes according to the needs. Lamina is supplied to laminated wood plants as a raw material for laminated wood. *Redividing: Processing original plate into a product.


Our flooring material is made of solid wood produced from high-quality Russian wood, such as pine wood. Solid wood is a natural material that has excellent human-friendly properties such as moisture control function. Tairiku Trading sells solid flooring under the brand "RUS FLOOR" produced in our close cooperation with local partner plants. We also work with our partners in Japan to produce interior-related products such as stairs and doors made of Russian wood. In order to achieve a healthy and comfortable living environment, we continue to develop natural materials with excellent design.

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Wood drying machine

Wood drying is an essential step in making wood usable for a variety of purposes. We are the exclusive import agency of the Austrian wood drying kiln, "Muehlbock". We provide their machines for users in Japan from delivery to installation. We have delivered more than 13,000 machines in the world, which makes us to hold the largest share. The drying equipment is highly regarded by our customers for its high quality, energy-saving characteristics and compatibility with Japanese trees. We will continue to contribute to the improvement of housing quality in Japan through the spread of the high-performance wood drying machines.

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