「We provide everything that is possible with Russian timber.」

In order to realise this slogan, we have developed products by taking advantage of our strengths as a trading company specialized in Russia and establishing close partnerships with local manufacturers. What can we do to continue contributing to the market in Japan? We always keep this in mind, gather information, take up opinions, and provide feedback to the local Russian manufacturers. This product development cycle never ends. Products from more than 20 manufacturers throughout Russia are unloaded at more than 15 ports, from Hokkaido to Kyushu. We offer a wide range of products, including quill materials such as ceiling joists, furring strips, and puncheons, as well as original plates for redividing, laminated wood for structural materials, flooring, 2x4 wood, free boards, and pallet materials. We will continue to create products that satisfy both producers and customers.

  • Commercial Department Sales Division 1 / Sales Division 2

    We are mainly engaged in local procurement of Russian wood products and sales activities for major distribution wholesalers. We are not only focusing on an overwhelming amount of products but also on their quality. With this in our mind, we have achieved a stable supply in Japan through our close partnership with local plants based on many years of experience as a trading company specialized in Russia. We also provide original plates as half-finished products before processing, and supply them as raw materials mainly to redividing manufacturers in Japan.

  • Product Development Department

    In order to pursue "We provide everything that is possible with Russian timber," we are working on the development of products such as rafter and furring strips, that are different from the standard Russian wood products. We are developing interior and exterior material products of "RUS FLOOR" and exploring sales channels for white birch wood products. We will realise the potential for wood with free thinking that are not bound by existing concepts.

  • Osaka Branch Osaka / Okayama / Nagoya Offices

    The Osaka Branch is responsible for Osaka, Okayama and Nagoya Sales Offices. The vast area is divided into smaller areas by each sales office, and sales are conducted appropriately for the characteristics of each area, centering Osaka Nanko Port, Kobe Port, Hiroshima Port, Hakata Port, and Nagoya Port. We actively communicate with the General Manager of the Osaka Branch on a daily basis. One of the important tasks is to share market information and customer requests in Japan with plants in Russia.

  • Tohoku Office

    Our office is situated in a privileged location just in a short walk from Sendai Station, and we have built a sales system that covers the 6 six prefectures of Tohoku. Mostly from Sendai Port and Sakata Port, we provide a wide range of products, including not only our main product, quill materials, but also "RUS FLOOR" and interior related materials we have developed. We also process half-finished original plates at partner plants and sell in response to customer requests.

  • Special Sales Department Komoro Store / Nagano Store / Kofu Store

    We have two bases in Nagano Prefecture (Komoro Store and Nagano Store) and one in Yamanashi Prefecture (Kofu Store). Wood supermarket deal with a lot of domestic timber in addition to imported timber. We are actively engaged in sales activities, gaining high trust as a community-based specialty shop for local carpenters and constructors.

  • Operation Division

    With an average volume of more than 300 containers handled per month, our container ships come into the ports all over Japan every day. In addition to customs clearance for these containers, the roles of our Business Operation Division are diverse, including transportation arrangement, inventory management, preparation of accounts and invoices, sales support, etc. We are the backseat player of our company.


「Aiming to be a group of specialists who can be relied on.」

With the development and spread of ICT, our business is changing day by day. We aim to provide one-stop solutions for problems by utilising our trading company function. Customers are looking for solutions, not the product itself. With this in our mind, we get our Japanese customers involved in our project so that we can respond to a wide variety of their needs. For Japanese customers, the Russian and the CIS markets are considered to have high barriers to enter because of the differences in languages and business customs. Our sales channel is valuable for these Japanese companies to deploy their products without altering their Japanese business customs.

  • Machinery Department Machinery & Technology Division / Wood Drying Machine Division

    We have been consistently engaged in the export of various plants and machinery equipment since the days of the former Soviet Union. In addition to supplying parts, units, and equipment that are due for renewal, we also respond to enquiries on consumable parts ***carefully***. With our Moscow Office and local subsidiaries as bases, we listen to the on-site opinions and continue our long-term efforts to respond to the on-site needs.

General Service Department

  • Administrative Department is responsible for managing the entire company. The scope of our work is diverse. It includes management of deposits and withdrawals, accounting and finance for recording corporate activities and procuring funds, personnel and labour management for payroll calculation and social insurance procedures, and general affairs for procurement of equipment, network management, creating a comfortable work environment for our employees. In order to flexibly respond to changing social conditions, we are working on supporting our employees in Japan and overseas.