Measuring devices

In response to diverse measurement demands arising from industrial development and changes in social conditions, we introduce measuring instruments for product development, quality control, worker safety protection, and environmental protection. Our strength lies in our ability to not only introduce products in response to inquiries, but also to make optimal proposals based on a close examination of what issues the customer has. We also utilize the network we have built up over the years to provide support for the acquisition of certification systems unique to each country.

Clients: Oil and gas refineries, steel mills, automobile manufacturers, etc.

Food machinery

We deal in food machinery such as sushi robots, rice ball manufacturing equipment, commercial rice cookers, and rice washers. Sushi rolls have already become a common part of the food culture in the CIS countries, and are very popular not only in Japanese restaurants but also for delivery and as a side dish in supermarkets. In recent years, Onigiri (rice balls) have also begun to attract attention.Our goal is not only to deliver equipment, but also to contribute to the spread of Japan's proud food culture by providing knowledge about Japanese food and proposing flexible ways to use the equipment according to local conditions.

Customers: Food factories, Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, delivery chains, etc.

Medical products

In the modernization and renewal of medical facilities, Japanese-made curtains with excellent antibacterial and antiviral functions are increasingly being adopted due to their uniqueness. We are also contributing to the diffusion of advanced technologies for lacrimal endoscopes, for which surgical techniques were developed in Japan, while building relationships with local medical professionals with the cooperation of Japanese physicians.

Clients: Medical facilities

Industrial equipment

A wide variety of Japanese equipment has been used in CIS countries for a long time. In the industrial equipment field, we do not limit the products we handle, but take on the responsibility of receiving inquiries from customers, making inquiries to each Japanese manufacturer, holding technical discussions, and carrying out all procedures up to the delivery of the equipment. In addition to supplying parts and equipment that are due for renewal, we also respond to inquiries about consumables in detail, thereby building long-term relationships with our customers. In recent years, we have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries related to work efficiency improvement, energy conservation, and IoT in factories, and we provide products that meet the needs of a changing society.

Customers: Lumber mills, steel mills, fertilizer plants, etc.

Food products

We sell safe and high quality Japanese agricultural and marine products, including Japanese rice, and processed foods to CIS countries. In order to promote the world-acclaimed Japanese food products, it is essential to bring out 100% of the flavor of the food, and we also provide training to teach the correct cooking methods. We not only supply products, but also collaborate with our customers to develop menus that meet the tastes of local consumers while reproducing Japanese flavors as much as possible.

Customers: Japanese restaurants, supermarkets