Management Philosophy

With the pioneer spirit and independence that we have cultivated since our founding, we will contribute to society by responding to changes of the times, and achieve the growth and happiness of all members of Tairiku Group.


  • Pioneer
  • Independence
  • Partnership
  • Specialty

Tairiku Trading has challenged many new businesses, that were both successful and unsuccessful. Without pioneering, there can be no failure or success. We will set new tracks together.


We value the view that we conduct business independently without belonging to other companies, and will accomplish what we do by taking responsibly on our own.


We value the view that we must build better relationships with our suppliers and customers, as well as with all our partners in the supply chains.


We value the view that each and everyone of Tairiku Group is a specialist with knowledge and skills in their field or job.


Code of conduct

We always

  • Challenge new fields,
  • Think and act on our own,
  • Maintain and develop strong and long-term relations of trust with our business partners in Japan and overseas,
  • Strive to strengthen the education system for fostering specialists and to improve ourselves.